Friday, September 20, 2013

Iron Chic Action

I first heard Iron Chic last year, based on a recommendation from Sandwell. I was hesitant to do so as everything about the band seemed "cute" and "silly"...two things that I have a low tolerance for in hardcore/punk. Still, I checked out their album, and I'll be damned if I wasn't completely hooked on it. Over a year later, I still can't listen to it without turning up the volume on my stereo and singing along like an idiot.

Honestly, it feels like it has been years since I've cared for a new Bridge Nine release. When it was announced that Iron Chic had signed with B9, I figured that was it...the band would probably start to suck now. I worried that a release on B9 would leave them too polished and poppy. I approached their new 7 inch, Spooky Action, with some low expectations. While not as great as their last LP, the songs on the new 7 inch are actually quite good. Two originals, a Ramones cover that is only available on the Bridge Nine US pressing...the Euro pressing has a Butthole Surfers cover instead. This is a solid release, an it leaves me looking forward to the new LP they are recording.

350 on red vinyl.

While in the Bridge Nine store, I saw that they were also carrying Iron Chic's Split n Shit 7 inch. This record captures the songs from their (Cosmic) Future 7 inch and their split with Pacer.

500 pressed on black vinyl.

There were numerous delays at the pressing plant for the Iron Chic 7 inch. To make up for the long wait, Bridge Nine threw in one of Soul Control's 7 inches that I would have never bought otherwise.

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