Monday, September 16, 2013

Have Heart Repress

Every year or so, Bridge Nine gives us another pressing of Have Heart vinyl. This time they drop all three LPs on us at once.

Since it's release in 2006, I've probably listened to The Things We Carry more than the majority of the records in my collection. For years, this thing dominated my stereo. I've played it death, and it doesn't get many spins these days, but when I do hear it, I'm reminded of why this album is a Hardcore classic.

Amazing that this is now in it's eighth pressing. 1,000 on solid white vinyl, that will no doubt sell out in a couple of months, giving B9 another opportunity to press it again and take more of my money.

Songs To Scream At The Sun doesn't command my attention nearly as much as Have Heart's first album. It is still a solid record, but as a follow up to perfection, it was a bit of a disappointment.

This album is now in it's sixth pressing, with 1,000 on red vinyl. Yes, the album cover still sucks.

Honestly, the only reason that I keep buying the live album is because it is a part of Have Heart's legacy. I rarely reach for live Hardcore albums, and this one doesn't really move me. I haven't bothered to chase either the green or red copies from the first pressing, but here I sit with five copies of this thing.

Third pressing of 1,000 on brown vinyl.

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