Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Better Than You

Some bands just seem to not quite get the attention they deserve. They aren't on a big name label, and they don't seem to generate a lot of hype...yet, year after year they continue to release consistently great Hardcore records. Better Times are one of these bands. They play no frills youth crew style, straight edge Hardcore...nothing really new, but they play with such passion and conviction, they certainly have my attention.

I didn't know Better Times were releasing a new record this year, but when I saw preorders go up at State Of Mind Records, I quickly placed my order.

The preorder cover is a nice rip off of Gorilla Biscuits "Better Than You" design. Well done.

While the vinyl initially looks to just be a plain black wax, technically it is considered colored vinyl as there is the most insignificant amount of white mixed in.

Preorder cover is limited to 65.

While I dig the GB rip off design for the preorder cover the regular packaging is far superior.

The vinyl comes wrapped in, what the label calls an "arigato style jacket". Is that what this is called? I had no idea. Either way, it is solid. Great job on doing something a little different.

Anyway, this record is very cool. There are only a few things I like more than new kids playing Straight Edge Hardcore. This music is timeless.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic band. I have what I believe to be a complete BT collection, including tests. More people need to check this band out because they rule.

mcs said...

My favourite bit is where it says about how the black vinyl is technically colored.

Mike said...

Hey, if REV can list it as colored vinyl, it must be true. Plus it is no different than that Rival Mob 7 inch that was black with the "green speckles".

mcs said...

It's like some kind of jedi mind trick. if they tell enough people it's colored, people will start to believe it.
i have no idea what rival mob 7" you are talking about. never seen it.