Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hiz and Herz

Sometimes I get more of a kick searching through a seller's auctions on eBay, as opposed to just searching for specific items. I'll do a couple of generic searches for some early 90's Hardcore stuff, and then I'll just start scrolling through what other records that seller has available...looking to find something that catches my eye. Occasionally, I'll find a cool surprise.

Back in 1993, Old Glory Records released a great compilation LP called God's Chosen People. Avail, Greyhouse, Askance, Iconoclast, Rorschach...that comp featured some of my favorite bands of the time.

Another great song on that comp was Easter Island from Elizabeth Herz. I'd never heard anything else from that band. A month or so ago, I was searching through eBay sellers with early 90's Hardcore records, and I stumbled upon this 7 inch from them. With a 99 cent win, I figured that I'd take a chance on it.

This record is nothing mind blowing, but it does bring me back to a time when stuff like this was king.


chris said...

I love this 7" for the simple fact that my buddy Nathan Camfiord used to be the drummer and song writer. He was also in Device and Groove if you ever wanted to check out other bands from this era.

Mike said...

I do like those early Old Glory records, like Groove. Never heard Device though...I'll have to hunt them down.