Friday, August 16, 2013

Halfmast 'Deny Their Vision'

It has been a month since I've posted about an eBay win. I've picked up a lot of new releases lately, and while I've enjoyed it, there is just something more exciting...more satisfying...about blog posts for older records that I've scored from eBay. Maybe it's because after reading ten blog posts about the same Violent Reaction and Rival Mob records, it feels refreshing to post about a record that most people would probably ignore.

I picked up a couple copies of Halfmast's Influence 7 inch last year, and it was a great reminder of how much I like this band. These guys were around, pushing the mid-90's Straight Edge revival before the scene exploded with bands like Ten Yard Fight and Floorpunch. This style of Hardcore was not very popular at the time, but they stuck with it, so they get lots of respect from me for that point alone.

As much as I like their first couple of records, they definitely took things to the next level with Deny Their Vision. Easily their best sounding work.

One bid and $3.00 made this record mine.


mcs said...

Good deal! I bought this when it came out and no doubt paid more back then. I feel ripped off.

Mike said...

I'm the one that should feel ripped off, considering that the first time around, I bought this on CD.