Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting Some True Head

It is no surprise that I'm way behind on getting stuff posted up on the blog. I bought a lot of records over the summer, and at this point I think I'm about 2 months, and 23 posts behind. Being so far behind, I'm surprised that no one else has posted about the latest Youngblood release, True Head.

Youngblood orders always seem to take forever to arrive. When I pre-ordered these at the end of May, I figured that I'd be lucky if they arrived before 2014. Sean Youngblood is a solid dude, he's just got other responsibilities to keep up with, so it just takes him some extra time to get stuff out the door. I know this, and I've never sweated the wait. When I'd received an email from him in June, letting me know that the records were shipping, I was shocked. Only a month wait? Damn. From the time they landed in my mailbox, it took me longer than that to get this post up on the blog.

100 pressed on a great looking pink vinyl.

True Head don't sound like anything else from Youngblood...okay, maybe that Give 7 inch is an exception...but somehow, they seem to be a perfect fit with the label. I love bands like Soul Side and Ignition, and True Head certainly draw their inspiration from those early 90's DC bands.

150 pressed on clear.

Initially, I wasn't really digging this record very much. I loved the band's DC inspiration, but overall their interpretation fell a little flat for me. I've grown to appreciate it more with repeated listens, so we'll see if it eventually sinks it's teeth in.

200 pressed on black.


mcs said...

I'm still not expecting mine until 2014.

Mike said...

and it will probably come with a bonus test press to apologize for the long wait.

J@screamingforrecords said...

Cheap title Mike!! Haha I have this too but haven't got round to writing about it yet