Saturday, January 14, 2012

Test Press Alert

Back at the end of October, Six Feet Under put up a bunch of eBay auctions. One of the records was the test pressing for the new Alert 7 inch. Within two days, the auction was up to $63.00. What the fuck? There were still five days left. Kids need to calm the fuck down. I was really struggling with some money issues, and when the record sold for $72.00, it was too rich for my blood and I was out.

Mike Puffer sings for Alert. Mike is a pretty nice dude, and we've spent some time at shows hanging out and talking. A couple weeks after the SFU auctions, Mike sent me a message, asking if I was interested in buying an Alert test press directly from him. I was still broke, but the price was lower that the one that SFU it was coming from Puffer. I don't like turning down these offers, so I accepted.

The test press comes with a special cover and is limited to just 13.

I thanked Puffer for the offer, told him that the payment had been sent, and let him know that the only pressing I was missing for the Find Your Way 7 inch was the one that Six Feet Under did for the Sound & Fury fest. Much to my surprise, Mike threw a copy in with the test pressing he sent me.

Limited to 54 and packaged with a special cover for the fest. Awesome record, great dudes, straight edge.


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I need that test!

mcs said...

Cool little story. Plus getting cool stuff thrown in for free is always good.