Friday, January 06, 2012

Give 'Em Enough Rope

Back in August, REACT! posted the pre-orders for second pressings of the Give and Noose 7 inches. I received the package a while ago, but I'm only now just getting them posted. Perfect timing as I currently can't get enough of Give.

To differentiate between the first and second pressings, REACT! went with white labels this time around.

200 pressed on white, and 300 pressed on black vinyl.

Up until this point, I've been pretty laid back about collecting Give vinyl. My collection for Heaven Is Waiting is complete, but that is only because it was on REACT! and I needed everything the label was releasing. I've only got one copy of both the 12 inch, and the I Am Love 7 inch. Hell, I don't even own a copy of Boots Of Faith. I need to begin the hunt to fill in some of these holes.

When REACT! originally pressed the Noose demo to vinyl, they had originally said that it was a one time only press. Apparently the demand was enough, so they did a limited second pressing.

200 pressed on grey vinyl.

My copy has an odd looking black "fingerprint" on it. It's not listed as a transition press, or anything, so I assume that most of the pressing had a similar mark. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing other pressings to confirm.

I took a group picture for Give, and I didn't want Noose to feel left out, so I snapped one of them as well.


Rick Smith said...

There is version of heaven is waiting with a different cover that is photocopied that give sold on there spring tour 2010. I have a copy of it if you want to see what it looks like.

- Rick

Mike said...

Hey Rick, is that the same cover as the pink vinyl pressing?

Rick Smith said...

I think so. Aram just put one on ebay and it sold right away. I'm not that into collecting all the different vinyl variations but I do like different cover artwork.