Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Bridge Nine Carries On

I got the itch to start collecting vinyl in early 2005, and shit got serious fast when, a few months later, I dropped $60 for a copy of Carry On's A Life Less Plagued LP on orange marble colored vinyl. I still remember that moment...hitting refresh on eBay, until the auction had ended and I had won. It was a mixture of heart pounding exhilaration, and sickening "What the fuck have I done?". Seriously, $60. I had never spent close to that much on a record before. Nowadays, it takes more than a $60 price tag to make me hesitate, but back then it was a moment where a line in the sand had been drawn...a moment that said I was serious about collecting, and that this meant "something" to me. The following day, I remember reading on the B9 board as some posters were commenting how retarded someone would have to be to pay that much for that Carry On record. Depending on who you talk to, it may still seem retarded, but for me, it was a milestone.

10 years after it's release, Bridge Nine has given us a second pressing of this classic Carry On LP. 500 on gold vinyl.

1,500 on white vinyl.

Back in 2001, Bridge Nine had ambitious plans for the vinyl release of A Life Less Plagued, but the lack of funds forced the label to cut things back on the packaging. 10 years later, Bridge Nine is in a better place to be able to afford to release this LP as they originally had imagined with the gatefold sleeve.

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Mark-Sandwell said...

For many years the most I had ever paid for a record was £50 and that was for a Deep wound 7" back in 1999. I remember thinking I was mad at the time even though it was actually a good price even back then (and it's worth a lot more now!!). Of course now I do pay quite a bit more if it's something I really want.