Sunday, August 28, 2011

Test Of Promise

Hurricane Irene is blowing through New England today, and there is a pretty good chance that we'll be losing power or our cable connection some time soon. Seeing that Winds Of Promise was next up in my blogging queue, I figured that today was an appropriate day to get it posted here.

I'm becoming more and more interested in collecting REACT! Records test pressings. Aram recently posted more of his personal collection and REACT! rarities on eBay, and it was my extreme good fortune to win a test of the latest Remission 7 inch. Not only does this record have a good chance of being my favorite release from 2011, but I was able to pick it up for a relatively cheap price.

Number 10 out of 24.


matt said...

nice score! Im jelly

Mark-Sandwell said...

So Aram actually posts his stuff before 3 months then if he's selling on ebay. I'll remember that in future.

Aram said...


Nah, this was just a fluke, it should have been at least 4 more months before it was sent. Man I'm getting sloppy!