Thursday, June 23, 2011

35 Years, 20 Albums

Motorhead celebrated their 35th anniversary in 2010, and to start off 2011, the band released their 20th studio album. That is a hell of a run! Has there ever been another band to maintain that level of output? Sure there are a couple of clunkers in their catalog, but for the number of albums they have released, Motorhead have maintained a high level of integrity and quality.

With This World Is Yours, Motorhead show no signs of slowing down. Now, I've really enjoyed the last two albums they have released, but this new one seems to be step above them. Some of these songs can stand up next to some of their classics from the 80's. Hell, the song Brotherhood of Man feels like a more upbeat, fresh take on the song Orgasmatron.

Such a solid album from a band that seems like they will go on forever.

Nice thick vinyl. Gatefold packaging.


Anonymous said...

Mikkey Dee is a regular customer in the store I work in. Solid dude.

Mike said...

That is cool. I would continually ask him for King Diamond stories!