Monday, May 02, 2011

REACT! Reissues

Fact 1: I order a lot of records.

Fact 2: I forget and lose track of what I've ordered.

To keep track of it all, I keep a Post-It next to my computer, with a running list of my outstanding orders and what I'm waiting to arrive. A couple weeks ago, my waiting list from REACT! dropped from three to two orders when I received my latest package from the label. Aram constantly has something going on with his label, and I'm always rushing to be first in line with every pre-order that he posts. Hmmm...I'm wondering if he will get the Get The Most/Noose/Clearsight orders out before the Skin Like Iron pre-orders go up.

Back in December REACT! posted that pre-orders were up for the reissues for the latest Mindset and Praise records. 500 of each, and this is the final press for each of these EPs.

200 on tan and 300 on black. Second press has the white with black labels.

I wanted to see the difference between the first and second press labels, so I took out all my Praise records for a picture. Yes, I am missing a first press on black vinyl. Someday, I'll fix that.

Initially, REACT! posted that the color vinyl for the second press was going to be mint green. I'm glad that in the end, they went with baby blue instead. 200 on blue and 300 on black vinyl.

For the second press, REACT! went with a different b-side label.

What the hell, since I took a picture of my Praise records, I figured that I'd snap one of my Mindset collection as well. I had a hard time setting this one up. I had an uneven number of 7 inch records which made it difficult to balance the layout for the picture. I obviously need to pick up another Mindset record at some point.


David H said...

Whenever I order some records, I save the e-mail confirmation in a folder. Once the records arrive, I delete the e-mail. It's an easy way to keep track of what I have on the way.

mcs said...

I'm an advocate of both systems. Whenever I order anything, I move the paypal receipt to a folder called 'Receipts'. I then, like David H, delete the email once the stuff turns up. But I also keep a list of what I am expecting on a 'virtual' post it, on my computer desktop. I mainly use the post it system for quick reference, but the emails are handy in case i need to email the seller and chase if it ends up being delayed for some reason.