Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seven and Seger

Everyone is probably expecting a Record Store Day posting from me. I've got a lot of pictures to take, and I'll have some time off from work later this week. Be patient, kids, I'll get there.

As if it wasn't confusing enough delaying the Record Store Day post, I'll fuck everyone up, and post the newest Bob Seger record that I received.

I've posted about Seger here before, and no one was more surprised than I was to find that I enjoyed his early records. Nothing beats his Seger System records, but the rest of his early 70's albums are pretty good too. I can't explain why I like them...there is just something raw about his voice that I can't deny. Also check that 'stache on the back cover. Bad ass.

Seger's album from 1974, Seven, is pretty solid rock. I think that Jeff found that he had an extra copy of this is his favorite one by Seger, so he gave this copy to me to introduce me to this album. Can you dig it, man?

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