Friday, April 15, 2011

Ghost Splatter

It took me a few months to finally get my hands on a copy of the new Ghost LP. My first attempt was to place a special order with my local record store. That didn't pan out, and I got tired of waiting, so I finally got a copy directly from Rise Above Records. A couple weeks after my $40 piece of vinyl arrived from the UK, I'm flipping through the records at the record store, and what do I come across....Ghost, Opus Eponymous. Goddamn it...sometimes it feels like I have the worst luck. Not only did the record store not save the record for my original special order, but then I find them selling it for half of what I paid to Rise Above. I don't typically buy multiple copies of Metal albums, but fuck it, I love this album, and for $20, I couldn't resist it.

I contemplated flipping it to eBay to try and make some money back on my original purchase from Rise Above. That thought lasted for about 2 minutes. Deep inside, I knew that I'd be keeping it, as long as it was anything other than the clear vinyl that I already owned.

Clear vinyl with blue splatter. Limited to 500.

Hear our Satan Prayer.


Anonymous said...

I own four different colours of this album and it's not enough-awesome.

Lins87 said...

Someone please tell me what this band sounds like, they look weird as hell and I've seen so many things about them without getting the full knowledge.