Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twelve Inches of Love

A month or so ago, Rob and I headed down to Boston to catch Sacred Love, Police & Thieves, and Wolf Whistle. The gig was at a place that I'd never been to before, and the two of us ended up driving around Harvard Square for an hour trying to find it. Damn GPS kept telling us to take a right turn that didn't exist. Once we finally found the place, it took us another half hour to find a place to park. Somehow we still managed to get to the show before it started.

Prior to the weekend tour, Sean Youngblood posted that Sacred Love were going to have an extremely limited tour pressing of their 12 inch EP, Dividing Lines. I bought one as soon as I walked through the door. I hated carrying it around all night, but I didn't want to take any chance of this being unavailable at the end of the show. It wasn't that big of a hassle anyway, since I was nursing a fractured thumb, I was planning on hanging out at the back of the room anyway.

Very cool front and back cover designs for this limited release. Tour presses, pre-order covers, record releases...alternate cover designs rule.

Number 34 of 35. Right on.

The Dividing Lines 12 inch first made it's appearance at the 2010 Youngblood Showcase with the pre-release cover. How much longer do we have to wait before we can order the regular press of this thing?

I exchanged some emails with Sean after the Showcase, trying to get my hands on a copy. He had some left over, but he really wanted to package them with the posters created for the showcase. I was cool with that, as I wanted a poster to frame for my music room at the house. Sean had to look at packaging options, as the posters were didn't respond too well to rolling. They would have to be shipped flat, and the could get a little pricey. A few months later, we had worked out the details, and one arrived at my door step.

The front and back design was done by Ev, and looks great. While I do prefer the 12 inch format over 7 inches, I'm scratching my head as to why you would release a 12 inch record with nothing on the b-side...nothing but flat wax and a record label. Strange.

Number 41 of 100.


mcs said...

Great post, great title.

The reason it's a one sided 12" though is because one sided 12"s are awesome. Get with the program dude!

Mike said...

I think the only other one sided 12 inch that I own is from Crown of Thornz...who are not so awesome.