Friday, February 25, 2011

Worldwide Hardcore

I've never experienced the headaches of running a record label. Therefore, I can't even begin to imagine the effort that it took to pull off the latest pre-orders from REACT!. Three records from bands spanning three different continents...all released at one time. Sure there were some delays, but when you think about what it probably took to pull this off, you've got to be impressed.

You really can't miss with anyone of these records. Each one already has me thinking ahead to my 2011 Top 10 list.

I really liked the Remission LP, but this 7 inch certainly tops their last effort. Three songs of 90's influenced hardcore...I can't get over how much this band sounds like One Step Ahead...Remission play this style to perfection. 200 on baby blue, 300 on clear blue, and 400 on black vinyl.

Not Sorry follow up their demo 7 inch, and keep going strong, with Our Choices. I love the cover artwork on this one. The crashing waves...the ominous dark storm clouds...power just waiting to be released. The art fits the music perfectly. 200 on white, 300 on yellow, and 400 on black vinyl.

It is good to have some new music from Common Cause. It has been about three years since their last recorded material, The Power To Change, and the band keeps things moving with this new 7 inch. Hey, it is straight forward, Youth Crew inspired hardcore, so you know that I'm going to love it. 200 on red, 300 on white, 400 on black vinyl.

Nice job REACT! crew. I'm impressed with the effort that is put forward to keep releasing quality hardcore.

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