Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boiling Over Is Over

Boiling Over are not your typical Straight Edge band. No positivity here. These boys play it fast, raw and ugly.

They played their last show about a year ago, and did a Last Show edition of their Trash City 7 inch. Of course I didn't go to the show, but Lifeline had some for sale in their webstore...and I was able to pick one up for even less from ebay.

The record comes wrapped in a clear plastic cover and is numbered out of 60. Nicely done.

Just before Boiling Over broke up, they pressed a limited run of their final recordings to vinyl. Barriers is even more raw than Trash City. Raging.

Silk screened cover and limited to 150 pressed.

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mindset said...

hi mike have you ordered the 2 sorry excuse on lifelinerecords check it it s a very good straight edge band man