Sunday, January 02, 2011

Have Heart 7.29.07

At the end of September, Bridge Nine announced pre-orders for their new Mystery Box. I wasn't too excited with what I received in last years Mystery Box, and was thinking about passing on this one. But the added incentive of a special 7 inch, limited to 500, was all that I needed to hear, and I bought one.

Bridge Nine had three options for the Mystery Box this year, and I went for the one that was listed "for fans of Have Heart, Champion and Foundation". The special 7 inch was kept a secret until the packages were shipped and people started receiving them. Turns out that the 7 inch for the Have Heart Mystery Box option was a four song 7 inch taken from the band's live set at Sound and Fury back in 2007. I'm not that big of a fan of live recordings, but this makes a nice addition to my Have Heart the cover of Burning Fight is pretty cool as well.

As for the rest of my Mystery Box, it wasn't anything too I expected. I got a copy of the new Strike Anywhere CD, which forced me to finally check it out. I didn't particularly care for their last record, and wasn't too interested in checking out their new one on Bridge Nine. To my surprise this is actually a really good album. Thank you B9 for sending this. Oh yeah, I also got a CD of Have Heart's Songs to Scream at the Sun...already had it, so I gave it to Rob.

The other piece of vinyl that I got in the Mystery Box was the live Death Threat 7 inch. I don't listen to the one I got a few years ago, and I wasn't thrilled to get a second copy. The funny thing is that the Mystery Box that Rob ordered also included this Death Threat record. Ahhhh...the B9 Mystery Box, a chance for the label to clear their shelves of crap that no one wanted the first time around. Oh well, at least I should be thankful that the label didn't send me something from Death Before Dishonor again. Still, the whole thing was kind of fun, and I'd probably order again if they do it next year.

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David H said...

I got a Death Before Dishonor cd, then turned around and sold it on for $7.