Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Right Way

Following up on their 2008 REACT! release, Right Idea release a new 7 inch for 2010. Maybe it's just me, but there didn't seem to be a lot of hype around this release. I remember the band released a song, United Front, sometime over the was a different sound for the band...going for more of an Oi! sound...I wasn't really feeling it, and was kind of bummed. Then I found out that Refuse Records was releasing this 7 inch, and I was bummed even more. Not that I really have anything against the label, but first of all, they are from Europe which is going to mean high shipping costs. Second of all, Refuse does not have a webstore. If you want to order records from them you have to send an email, get a message back on how much it will cost, and then send your payment. It is just too much of a pain in the ass for me. Therefore I was excited when Jeff Hess posted on the REACT! messageboard that he had a few copies of the 7 inch, with the tour cover, in the band's webstore.

It seems that there were a few records that I over the summer that had significant delays. Between ordering from New Age, getting fucked over by Dead End Records on the Outlast/Reveal The Truth 7 inch, questions about if the Mindset live album will ever get shipped, and then after ordering the new Right Idea 7 inch back in July, I was starting to wonder if it was going to show up when November rolled around. I fired off an email to Jeff Hess, to check to see what might be happening, and by chance the record arrived a few days later. Thankfully, the songs on the 7 inch don't all sound like the United Front song...this is still Right Idea playing some great Youth Crew styled hardcore.

For some reason the tour cover lists the name of the record as Our Way, yet the actual name of the record from Refuse Records is Right Way. Nice looking cover for the Euro tour. Hand stamped a-side labels, and limited to 100.

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Doug W said...

This finally showed up last week for me as well. About damn time!

I wouldn't hold my breath on those Mindset live albums. Sounds like quite the cluster fuck. Let me guess, you bought three like me too?