Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fire & Ice

I've been on a mission recently...working to clean up the backlog of new vinyl that I have stacking up around my turntable. The past couple of months saw a lot of new records arrive in the mail, and I've gotten really far behind in my posts. Not only am I trying to get caught up on this backlog of posts, but more importantly, I'm trying to get new releases for 2010 up on the blog before the new year hits.

Fire & Ice are just one of the bands that I didn't bother checking out until just before the Triple B Showcase in September. A couple weeks before the show I was downloading all that I could, to try and familiarize myself with the newer bands that I'd never heard before. The funny thing is that, at this point, I don't even remember the band playing that weekend. They were scheduled to play the first day of the Showcase, and all that I remember is that every band was amazing that day.

Oh yeah, another thing that I remember is that I was hoping to pick up some vinyl from some of the bands, but for some retarded reason, hardly anyone had records for sale...there were plenty of shirts, but vinyl was pretty scarce. Fire & Ice were one of the bands that I was planning on buying records for. Triple B Record has a pretty extensive roster, and it was their Showcase, so I'm baffled as to why they only had the America's Hardcore comp for sale. Either way, I was forced to pick up both of the Fire & Ice records through mailorder after the show.

The first pressing of the 2009 release, Gods and Devils, is sold out. That left me with the metallic gold (100 pressed) and the ice blue colored vinyl (300 pressed) from the second press.

Featuring the guitarist from Down To Nothing, and the singer from Iron Boots...I'm not sure why I waited so long to finally check out Fire & Ice. I'm really digging this band. Their newest 7 inch, Grim, continues in the same vein as Gods & Devils. Solid hardcore with the same kind of influence from the member's past bands. I wish that I had hopped on the bandwagon earlier. By the time I went to check out the band, Triple B only had black vinyl (600 pressed)available. With the label releasing an LP that includes both Fire & Ice 7 inches, I wonder if they plan on doing a second press of the Grim 7 inch.

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