Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Was Said

I didn't think that it would ever arrive, but my copy of the new Said And Done 7 inch, Weight of the World, finally showed up in the mail. As soon as pre-orders went up at the beginning of March, I jumped on placing my order. There were a few delays, and months went by before I even gave it a second thought. I sent a note to the singer, Pim, at the end of June, asking if these had been shipped yet. Apparently they had all gone out a while back, and he was surprised to hear that I hadn't received mine. To make a long story short, it turns out that when I placed my order, Paypal had changed my address from the States to The Netherlands. No surprise that my package never arrived. I reached out to the guys at Carry The Weight Records and they confirmed that my package was returned as undeliverable. Like overseas shipping prices don't suck enough, I had to pay the shipping fees again for them to send the record out. Six months from the original pre-order date, my record finally arrives.

Originally this record was going to just have 200 pressed on red and black splatter, and then 300 pressed on black vinyl. Because of the various delays that the label had in getting these records out, they decided to do a limited cover just for the pre-orders. Special limited covers rule.

The whole package is really well done, and once again Said And Done put out a solid hardcore release. Thanks Pim for the offer to send me a copy of the record, free of charge, when mine was seeing delays in getting shipped. More people should check out their Cro-Mags/Leeway/Underdog influenced brand of hardcore. Quality.

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Pim said...

Good to see it finally turned up Mike!