Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hardcore For Hardcore

"Here's where we separate the men from the boys". The new 7 inch from The Rival Mob absolutely destroys. Hardcore for hardcore indeed. This band just gets better and better. Can't wait to see them again at the Triple B Showcase next month. 150 were pressed on what was supposed to be black with clear green splatter. Too much black was used in the mix, and therefore you can't really see the clear green unless you hold it up to the light...and even then, you can only see a few spots. 350 on yellow and 900 pressed on purple vinyl.

When I pre-ordered the new Rival Mob record, Six Feet Under also had the second pressing of the Hang Your Head 7 inch from Foundation. 500 were pressed on orange/blue/white mix vinyl.

The coolest part of this pressing are the labels showing a kid ripping down a sign outside of a club that states No Hardcore Shows... a great rip off of the Judge 7 inch from Revelation Records.

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Wade said...

i see you did get the memo on a pre-order.