Friday, August 20, 2010

True Control

With all the problems that Powered Records had with the ON record, and shipping stuff in a timely manner, the label's reputation was seriously called into question. Well, it seems like Geert jumped the sinking ship and started his own label, Control Records. I had no idea, until I stumbled upon a post on the REACT! messageboard announcing pre-orders for the final True Colors 7 inch, Consider It Done. The problem was that I stumbled upon it too late, and by the time I saw it, the pre-order vinyl was sold out. I HATE it when I'm not in the loop and I miss out on a pre-order.

Thank you eBay. A couple of weeks later, I saw that Geert was selling a bunch of stuff on eBay to help fund his label. Tons of awesome True Colors pressings, but they were going at prices that I couldn't commit to at the time. The one record that I was able to win was the limited press that I had missed out on for the pre-orders.

Control Records didn't do the gatefold 7 inch sleeve like Six Feet Under did with the US pressing. Instead they went for the fold out lyric sheet. Still cool, but it doesn't touch the SFU packaging. Limited to 100 on white vinyl, with a hand numbered dust sleeve. Geert also threw in a ticket for True Colors final show that happened a couple of months prior. Very cool.

When I won the white vinyl press from Geert, I sent him an email and we worked it out so that I could get a copy of the black vinyl version as well. This one is limited to 300 copies.

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