Thursday, August 19, 2010

True Colors Is Dead

True Colors are no more. For their last show, Six Feet Under records packaged up 75 copies of the Bonus 7 inch that came with the preorders for Consider It Done. Dave from SFU never made it over for the last show, so he put them up in the webstore instead.

Kind of a cool record, compiling True Colors songs from various compilations and demo recordings. Wish they had come up with a better name for the record other than "Bonus 7 inch" though. Number 58 out of 75.

While I was shopping in the Six Feet Under webstore, I figured that I'd check out Citizens Patrol. I downloaded the songs on both their Dead Children and Sick Routine records, but other than a casual listen once or twice over the past two years, I never really invested much time into them. Picking up the Dead Children EP, forced me to really sit down and give it a listen. Holy shit, this is so good. Fast and aggressive hardcore punk from Holland with a definite influence from the early 80's. I love this shit.

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Lins87 said...

This band rocks, really good ep. Try hunt down their first ep to.