Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Record Of Substance

Got my Betrayed pre-order for the new album, Substance, from Rivalry Records. It is limited to 328 on blue and 622 on white vinyl. There is also a pressing on pink for the record release show at the Sound & Fury fest in California. I'll need to get my hands on that one, and a friend has already promised to send me one.

I'll have to admit that I'm not a big fan of the record cover. The black and white picture of the band doesn't really do much for me...neither does the new font for the band's name. And while the songs are a little too polished, this is still a great album. Aram knows how to really write great, positive lyrics, and the band continues to create great songs. Amazing new songs like Think Twice, Substance, The City Lights, and Nothing Breaks Us Apart, plus some classics re-recorded. A total of 13 tracks of incredible hardcore.

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XGetBrokenX said...

This is good. i love Aram's lyrics. i do agree that it is a bit to polished, but it won't sound polished live so i dont really care. i can't wait to shout out those words when i see them next.