Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Alice Cooper Drama Show

Why is it that each time I win Alice Cooper records on eBay, I run into some kind of problem. As I noted a few posts ago, the Love It To Death album that I got had some nasty water damage that I wasn't expecting. This time around, my eBay experience ends with drama. So I saw an Alice Cooper record lot up for auction, and won with a low bid of $9.99...Billion Dollar Babies, Killer, and The Alice Cooper Show. The albums looked like they were in fantastic shape, which can be difficult to find for albums from the early 70's, and they included all the original inserts. Early Alice records had the best packaging...Billion Dollar Babies had the billion dollar bill insert, and Killer had the 1972 fold-out calendar.
A few weeks went by, and I haven't received my records. I'm getting nervous, so I send a message to the seller to check on the shipment. A few days go by with no response, so I shot off another message to the seller. Again, no response. A week goes by and my package finally arrives. The records are in great shape, and the Killer album has a white promo label, which is a bonus, but I notice that the guy didn't send the records out until three days after my last message. Two messages that went with no reply, and about a month before delivery. Unnecessary, so I leave neutral feedback stating that the records were in great shape but the service sucked. That was enough to finally get the guy to respond.
Enjoy the records, thanks for the neutral. This is not Walmart, I work out of state and am gone at least 3 weeks out of a month. Thanks for your "understanding"

I will have to really think of appropriate feedback (I seriously doubt I will be leaving a positive or neutral) for you since you decided to make me look like a poor seller in spite of our overall good reputation without contacting me first...

eBay states that you are to contact your seller prior to leaving feedback if there is a problem, if you had bothered, you would have known we have a newborn also and my girlfriend is disabled so you try watching a baby and running to the post office in a wheelchair while the head of the house is busting his ass in another state to make it all work

Good day Sir

oldetoycollector (the slow shipper)
Give me a friggin break. I didn't give negative feedback, it was neutral. The feedback that I left was to let other buyers know that the guy sells quality items, just sends stuff slower than shit. Don't come at me with stories about newborns and disabled girlfriend that you send to the post office while you are out of town. Take some responsibility for not being a great seller sometimes, and don't be a douche about it.

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