Saturday, March 18, 2006

This Is Our Time

Another version of the demo 7 inch from In My Eyes. This one has the Springsteen cover that was made for their tour. Hand numbered 67 of 400 made. Picked this one up for $25. Got it from the same guy that sold me all the Live in Philly records.
The demo has my favorite In My Eyes song...The Is Our Time. I saw IME in Portland with Right Brigade and American Nightmare for the Boston Invasion weekend. The last song that In My Eyes did was This Is Our Time. As the song breaks into the line "We'll look back on these days as the best times of our lives...", I ran up on stage and Pete handed me the microphone and I sang out the rest of the song, diving on people. Pete ended the show with "That was Mike Preston, the most Straight Edge guy in Maine.". The words to that song mean so much to me, and that memory makes it mean even more.

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marcus said...

I picked this up on ebay just over a year ago. I only paid about $21. I was super stoked to get number 001/400.