Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Get Another Oxygen Tank!

Another band that Sweet Pete turned me on to. He roadied for Mental for a while, and had high praise for this Boston Straight Edge band. They were opening for an Insted reunion show in Rhode Island that I was going to, so I picked up their CD. It took me a while to fully appreciate this band...the singers voice was unique and I wasn't immediately drawn in. The first song to really grab me was Growing Pains, which stands as my favorite song by them. I saw Mental at that Insted reunion show. The singer came out dressed totally in hip hop style, and the band just seemed to really have a good time up there. I was impressed and started getting into them more and more.
This entry is for their Get An Oxygen Tank 7 inch on clear purple vinyl. Limited to 300. Got it off eBay for $16. I was trying to get the Posi-Numbers pressing, but I missed out on trying to bid at the last second. I was pissed because the auction ended at $12, and I would have bid higher than that. I looked at what else the seller had out there and won this pressing on purple.

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