Friday, March 17, 2006

Courage To Care

When someone is down on their luck, and looking to get some fast money by selling some records, I'm happy to make the sacrifice and help 'em out. I had purchased records from this guy before, and when I heard that he was having money problems and was selling records from his collection, I quickly emailed him an offer. He accepted my offer for $40 for all three pressings of the In My Eyes 'Live in Philly' 7 inch. Recently I had seen the clear and white pressings going for around $20 a piece on eBay, so I thought that it was a fair offer. Even though In My Eyes remain as one of my favorite bands, I never really liked live recordings, and I avoided buying this record when it was released in 2002. Of course I needed to get it for my collection, but reading the liner notes from the guitarist, Anthony Pappalardo, made it a worth while release and made me miss this band more than I already do.

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