Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stand & Fight

Ten Yard Fight broke up, and Wrench and LaCroix moved to California. LaCroix broke his edge, and Wrench fronted the straight edge band Stand & Fight. With Wrench on the mic, you couldn't help but compare them to TYF. Similar music and and the same message, of course I loved them. I saw them play three times. The first time was at the last Back To School Jam during their Edge Week tour. Their Demo hadn't arrived from Revelation Distro yet, so I only knew one song. I kept waiting for the Ten Yard Fight cover song that never came. Next time I saw them was in Boston with my brother. They played with Internal Affairs, Blacklisted, Drug Test...a bunch of up and coming bands that I had never heard before. Have Heart was handing out free demos to people, but I didn't get one. I brought a CD-R of a Ten Yard Fight show from the New Bedford fest and gave it to Wrench...it was awkward, but he seemed to appreciate it. The last time I saw them was in Portland. Another show that introduced me to a bunch of bands that I hadn't heard before, like Lights Out and Blue Monday...Desperate Measures played that show as well. Haven't heard any news about them for over a year, and I assume that they have broken up. I picked up the white pressing of the self-titled 7 inch (limited to 700) on eBay for $9.99. The only Stand & Fight record I need is the Impact Demo on red vinyl. Then this collection will be complete.

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